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About us and our house

We settled in Normandy in early 2015, starting a new life with Mike working as a full-time battlefield tour guide and Deb managing our Vintage B&B and private museum. Our house is a farmhouse that dates back to 1758.


In 1944 a battle for the nearby bridge "Le Pont de la Pierre" took place. The US 29th Infantry Division attempted to cross it on 12 June but failed, suffering many casualties. In memory of those who fell during this battle, we have erected a monument by the bridge.


We have renovated the house in the style of the 1930s-40s era, which is our personal taste in design, furnishing and fashion. We also are much involved in the 1940s dance scene and WW2 re-enactments.


If you're a lover of cats you will be pleased to know we have built a hamlet at the end of our large garden dedicated to our family of fur babies.

Le Pont de la Pierre • 50680 Saint Clair sur l'Elle • Normandy • France